Choose What Works



Choose What Works:
Your Blueprint for Success

Choose What Works, distills 25 years of Howard's extraordinary work with leading executives and world-class companies. He provides this brilliant framework to guide your organization's planning, communication and action. Interacting with your viewpoints and challenges, Howard coaches you and your people to apply his High-Performance Operating System - tools at the heart of turning problems into success.

Sell Don't Tell - 7 Steps to Mobilize Others

Howard shows your salespeople how to sell with greater ease, greater results, and lasting customer relationships. He gives your people practical, proven tools they can use to produce more buy-in and make more sales. They will be motivated to interact with customers in ways that dignify the sales process and accelerate results. Howard has personally coached thousands of sales professionals with these insights and practical steps.

"Choose What Works is much more than just a high powered business book. Howard's system and tools have allowed me and can assist you in realizing your promise.

Ken Wirt, Senior Vice President, Palm Inc.

Transform Problems Into Actions: The Four Vital Steps

The ability to systematically identify problems and effectively solve them is what will separate your organization from the competition. The clarity of the choices we have and our skill to courageously move forward is key. Howard gives us the expert coaching and tools to commit to powerful resolutions. The four steps your people learn in this presentation will guide them to thoughtful and bold action.

Overriding business as usual for breakthroughs today!

Organizations and teams can lose perspective, slow momentum, and coast along a dangerous plateau to business as usual. Howard engages your organization with insightful questions and compelling insights that will have every member of the team shift to higher performance levels. People leave this presentation mobilized to take on what they have been overlooking, avoiding or where they have been blocked. "Dynamite."

Maintaining Focus: Your Competitive Advantage

It sounds so easy-"stay focused." Yet virtually every organization reports that focused execution is the most frequently missing element in the quest for targeted results. Howard brings a wealth of ideas and action steps that proved to be the competitive advantage for countless clients throughout the world. Your people will discover how they can establish a focused intent and reinforce the actions required to maintain and fulfill that strategic and tactic focal point.

Fuel your Engine for Innovation

Innovation is the drive wheel for establishing and maintaining your organization's thrust in the marketplace. Innovation must occur throughout the entire organization as it designs, markets, sells, operates, and accounts for products and services. Howard provides a practical and proven approach to involve every member of the organization in innovation and constructive change. Once, new ideas are identified, your team will be guided in how to initiate, communicate, and fulfill these essential elements of success.

Are You Coach-able?
Six Steps To Take Your Game To The Next Level

Coaching usually occurs when we have a crisis in attaining something we want. However, a different form of coaching, dedicated to improving and sustaining high performance is available. World-class performers - athletes, entertainers, and politicians benefit from these relationships. This coaching is not simply designed to fix something that's broken, but to have your team excel beyond current levels of success. Howard gives you six practical steps from his playbook to install unforgettable support in your people, now.

Howard Goldman's energetic keynotes reveal how you can install his High Performance Operating System™ and produce breakthroughs in performance, productivity, and professional satisfaction.

Audiences report these benefits from Howard's presentations:

More effective leadership with the buy-in of your team.
Immediate sales and sales management performance.
Strategic thinking and focused execution to your team.
Problems are resolved in ways that produce innovation and involvement of your people.
Participants are eager to return to work and apply new thinking, new skills and new confidence.

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