For Choose What Works:

"This book goes beyond the boundaries of business as usual. It will guide you past your self-limiting thinking and inspire you to achieve great things."
- Ken Blanchard,
co-author The One Minute Manager® and Full Steam Ahead!

"If you buy only one book to forward your career, or your life, Choose What Works is the place to start. Goldman is an extraordinary coach."
- Jack Weber, Phd.
Professor of Organization and Leadership, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.

"Choose What Works is much more than just a high powered business book. Howard's system and tools have allowed me and can assist you in realizing your promise.
- Ken Wirt,
Senior Vice President, Palm Inc.

"This book is essential for anyone with ambition to become as great as you can be."
- Ann Acierno,
Exec. Vice President, Victoria's Secret Direct

"Choose What Works captures a unique formula for your success with insight, clarity and wit. Howard Goldman truly impacts peoples' lives in ways that matter."
-Mark Victor Hansen,
Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul® Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

"Choose What Works is your textbook for personal breakthroughs."
- Barnett Helzberg, Jr.,
Former CEO of Helzberg Diamonds, and author of What I Learned Before I Sold To Warren Buffett

"Howard's book is an essential guide to maximizing the reader's own self-resources and creating opportunity from within... "
- Steven Stralser Ph.D.
Clinical Professor, Global Entrepreneurship Center Thunderbird: The American Graduate School of International Management

"In this book, Howard Goldman brings great insight, rigor, and an easy-to-follow approach which will bring readers an innovative blueprint for accomplishment!"
- Randy Haykin,
Managing Partner, Outlook Ventures San Francisco, Ca.

"Choose What Works contains as much wisdom as any book I know. You are holding a valuable tool in your hand, make something happen with it."
- Gene Golub, Chairman,
Golub & Co

For Howard's Work

"As a management consultant, Howard Goldman helped me crack some of the toughest organizational problems I'd ever confronted. Get ready for a totally new way of thinking about, acting on — and ultimately achieving results."
- Rex Golding,
Former Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Technology Banking Group

"I have known Howard Goldman for 20 years as friend, colleague, and performance coach. He and his powerful system is always there to support my leadership, my vital relationship to people — and the results which are at the core of being a CEO of a high-tech start-up."
- Keith Schaefer,
Former GM of NEC Technologies, and CEO of Liquid Thinking

"I experienced Howard Goldman's contribution as a co-board member of a leading high-tech start-up. Howard has now taken his incredible background as mentor and coach, and distilled it into a practical, actionable instruction manual for today's professional."
- Heidi Roizen,
Managing Director, Mobius Venture Capital

"Howard Goldman is an exceptional guide and author, making it possible for individuals and teams to deliver results that exceed anything they thought possible. Howard's gift is simplification — focusing on the few but critical factors that will lead to success."
- Kate Purmal,
President, Women in Consulting

"Our work with Management Associates has brought exceptional levels of strategic involvement to management teams, employees, suppliers, and the entire distribution chain resulting in achieving accelerated objectives."
- Ivor Lewis,
Managing Director, United Distillers

"In working with Management Associates, our projects have yielded over $400,000,000 in quality improvements and developed a 3 for 1 manufacturing efficiency."
- Alan Curtis,
Managing Director, Product Supply, Rover Group

"These simple, yet thought-provoking insights on Choose What Works have yielded dramatic results for my business — our profits tripled. Goldman's Operating System™ is the basis of how I make decisions and have life work."
- Zen Ohashi,
Founder, Management Coach Network Tokyo, Japan

"Achieving success in the internet space has underscored the importance of quick innovation and flawless execution. Management Associates has provided our group with unprecedented measurable improvements in both."
- Doug Doyle,
Director Product Marketing, E*Trade

"By working with Management Associates, our company has repeatedly achieved aggressive business targets in World Wide Sales performance. Their work is truly effective."
- Bill Gibson,
COO, Crystal Decisions

"The professional support provided by Management Associates has allowed this new program to become a context for involvement that unifies and makes profitable a wide array of activities and projects."
- Ivor Lewis,
Managing Director, United Distillers






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